Lay Ministries

Detroit Unity Temple Lay Ministries Mission & Objectives

Spiritual Education Coordinator
Gerri Hardaway-Stone, Lay Minister

Our mission is to provide classes, workshops, study groups and other learning activities that allow individuals to expand their knowledge of Unity principles, and the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to apply this knowledge to their daily lives.  Our objectives are to create an open learning environment that attracts a wide range of students, and dynamic teachers; to provide support and information to people interested in pursuing a formal program of study to become a licensed Unity teacher or ordained Unity minister.

Children's & Youth Ministry
Thom & Virna Calhoun, Youth Coordinator

Children's Church
Carmen Collier, Lay Minister

Our mission is to serve the children by encouraging the full expression of their Christ potential in an atmosphere of loving support through music, creative play, exciting lessons and fun-filled activities.

Thom & Virna Calhoun, Lay Minister

Our mission is to cultivate, educate and elevate the Christ consciousness of the pre-teens by demonstrating the teachings of Jesus Christ from the Bible.  Our objective is to be Christ-centered at all times and aware of how to integrate the Biblical teachings and practices of the Christ in a manner that our children will be able to understand so they will practice and live Unity and biblically based principles in their everyday life experiences.

Youth of Unity
Latia Porter, Lay Minister

We the members of the Y.O.U. envision a year filled with unconditional loving and successful experiences, where we become a cohesive harmonious family which grows to higher spiritual consciousness through service to others, knowing ourselves and having fun.  Our objectives are to provide opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth; to involve the individuals in prayer and meditation experiences; to promote the idea of individuals working together and to create community among them.

Counselling and Spiritual Caregivers
Jacqueline Holt, Lay Minister

Our mission is to bring an effective healing ministry to persons with mental, physical, spiritual and/or social needs, combining the best of theological and psychotherapeutic insights. In our church setting we bring about this encouragement for change and empowerment which is designed to bring about insight and a feeling of freedom.  Our objectives are to deliver low-cost professional and lay counseling to our church and broader secular community, and to network/partner with other organizations in the delivery of services.

Forgiveness Ministry
Charles W. Thomas, Jr., Lay Minister

Our mission is to raise the consciousness of forgiveness at Detroit Unity Temple and to provide resources to help spread forgiveness throughout the community at large. Our objective is to support Detroit Unity Temple members, visitors and guests in their forgiveness needs, activities and goals; and to spread information about forgiveness to the Detroit Unity Temple congregation.

Elaine Riley, Lay Minister

The Fellowship Ministry is joyously committed to serving God through serving others. We demonstrate this by creating an atmosphere of love, kindness and servitude.  The objective of the Fellowship Ministry is to greet worshippers and serve them a nutritious meal after each service and to allow the congregation to interact with and support each other and be an integral part of the Sunday activities.

Priscilla Singerl, Lay Minister

Our mission is "to greet you in love and peace. We behold the Christ spirit in everyone who enters the Temple doors". Our objective is to greet and control the  flow of worshippers as they enter the auditorium for services.

Prayer Ministry

Maxine Armstrong, Lay Minister

We, the Prayer Ministry of Detroit Unity Temple, as channels of God, are dedicated to providing spiritual consciousness raising of the whole person - spirit, mind and body - through the practice of prayer and praise as exemplified by Jesus Christ and the Truth principles of Unity. Our primary objective is our commitment to serve our congregation, our community and our world as faith builders with prayer as our foundation.

Public Relations

Our mission is to inform the congregation and the public about events and activities held at Detroit Unity Temple through using the following strategies: press releases, public service announcements, arranging media coverage, advertising, and community services (calendars, boards, cable access, etc.).

Sunday Services Coordination
Bessie Harris & Linda Porter-King, Co-Lay Ministers

Worship services at Detroit Unity Temple are a celebration of the Divine Spirit. It is the mission of the Sunday Service Coordinators to ensure this celebration is effortless and harmonious. Our objective is to assist the minister(s) and guest speakers handling details, set-up, and making corrections before, during and after Sunday and special services.

Tour Guides

Our mission is to reach out to new people, letting them know who we are and giving them a warm welcome and invitation to return.  Our objectives are to welcome visitors to Detroit Unity Temple, show visitors our facilities and inform them of our activities, Unity publications, classes and a brief summary of Unity philosophy and history.

Unity Friends - Bereavement Team
Gregory Pulliam, Lay Minister

To assist bereaved families by offering love and support through the stages of the grieving process. Our objective is to work with bereaved families beginning at the time of the death and following the funeral and/or memorial service of a loved one. We keep in contact with the family and loved ones for up to a year, offering our continued love and support.


The mission of the Ushers is to assist in making attendance at Sunday services and special programs a meaningful experience. Our objectives are to greet those entering the sanctuary for service or special events, and to present them with a bulletin or any other handout materials; to assist in seating worshippers quickly without disrupting the flow of the service or program; to acknowledge visitors by presenting them with a visitor's packet.

Visitation Ministries
Ashanti Webb, Lay Minister

The Visitation Ministry asks from God wisdom, guidance and love to strengthen the prayers of those confined to hospitals, convalescent, group and private homes. Our goal is to bring great solace and peace to those in need. We go forth with joy and dedication to give hope and build faith.  Our objective is to make visitations and telephone calls as assigned and to remain in contact with the Visitation team, who receives updated information concerning our shut-ins from the minister(s), support staff and our congregants.

Volunteer Support Team
Rose Eberheart Lay Ministers

The Volunteer Support Team's objective is to assist new members with spiritual growth by providing opportunities to give back and be of service to God and their spiritual community through active volunteerism; the Volunteer Support Team connects new volunteers with the coordinatior of that area/ministry as well as recruits volunteers for special activities and events. The Volunteer Support Team assists with other Lay Ministries to keep their ministry fully staffed and functioning at the highest level possible.



If you would like to share your skills with one of our lay ministries, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators, Brad and Vernetta Anderson,
at 313-345-4848.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
Elizabeth Andrew